Maison Cano

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Located in the outskirts of Cali, Colombia, this house was built for Mrs CANO, Psychology professor at Universidad Del Valle in Cali. Living by herself, she wanted the spaces distributed around an interior court built as an open atrium. The year around temperate climate allowed for this openness. Given the slope of the land, the northern part of the house was half a level higher and devoted to the night services: two bedrooms and a bathroom. The lower and southern part of the house has an entrance hall giving access at the east to a living area and a dining area, to a kitchen with a front window and a zenital natural light in the center, and at the west to a private office and study space. Adjacent to it but with its special outdoor entrance, lies the fulltime warden-gardener living space. At the higher level of the house, the bathroom separates the owner private room from the guests and/or kids room for friends and children. The characteristic of this house is that the owner did not want any door for any of the rooms or for any of the functions of the house, except for the main entrance door. The bathroom being half level higher than the rest of the house, is composed of a double sink and closets on its northern front part with a triangular zenital natural light, and an open bathtub overlooking into the lower open courtyard and onto the living areas of the house on the south side: allowing having a bath and enjoying the atrium and the whole house without being seen! The bathtub has on its two sides two snail-like spaces: a toilet and a private shower. The interior court built as an Atrium has a little basin receiving rain water, with a constant running water fountain giving a discreet water sound that refreshes the whole house. Originally planned to be built as an all adobe house, the owner preferred for practical maintenance reasons, to have the entire interior built with adobe while the exterior was to be built with traditional red baked bricks. The owner’s bedroom has a staircase leading to a private covered terrace to enjoy privacy and the beautiful surrounding nature.



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