Casa Dominguez

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House built in 1990 as a country residence to the young medical Dr Dominguez and his family, according to the local traditional techniques.

The site was hilly and it was decided to build the house on the highest spot overlooking the surrounding forest. The program was simple: the house was to have a large living room combined with a dining space next to a kitchen and a small pantry. Aside from the master bedroom with its bathroom ad closets, there was to be three single rooms with one bathroom. The land is located in a seismic area in a hilly countryside 40km away from Cali, on the way to the port of Buenaventura on the Pacific Coast. It is a traditional “bahareque” technique (wood, bamboo and mud with a coating of cement on the total façade to protect it from rain damage.)The main structure of the house is made of hard local wood and triangulated to sustain the possible seismic temblors. The main wall structure is strapped with bamboo strips on both sides every 5 to 10 centimetres and later filled with mud. As can be seen on the pictures, when the mud dries it retracts, leaving space around the bamboo strips to be embedded by the facade special mix of cement for the final finish to be painted white after the normal inner drying process.


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