After architecture studies in France won a scholarship to MIT in 1960.

From 1962-64, worked for Louis Kahn in Philadelphia and created in East Harlem, NY, with graduate students, one of the first Community Design Centers, offering free technical assistance to community organizations from 1964-75, teaching at NY City College and Pratt Graduate School Tropical Architecture for ten years and one year at Vassar College, Political Science Department, practicing Advocacy Planning in Poughkeepsie, NY.

 Lectured extensively in US and Foreign Universities and obtained US citizenship in1968.

From 1976-80, was consultant to the French government on participatory practice, published 2 books, one about advocacy planning and the other a methodology for participatory practice. From 1976 to 2006, worked on missions with the UN, World Bank and European Union with uprooted communities in West Africa, in South and Central America, and continues to be a consultant to the Municipality of Tumaco, Colombia.